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A touch of whimsy for dinner, perhaps?


Weddingnesday… food for thought « Conversation Pieces


Excellent advice. 🙂

Rules for a successful holiday: 1. Get together with the family 2. Relive old times 3. Get out before it blows

StoryPeople Products:Successful Holiday

For some reason, this one reminds me of the leeches in A Series of Unfortunate Events.


Where the Lovely Things Are – Home – (i heart) ART – Jon McNaught

Lovely. 🙂 She always draw women or trees… a woman after my own heart.


Two Days of Art | Creative Every Day

Vintage illustrations remind me of childhood. This particular one brings back memories of Dr. Seuss.


Where the Lovely Things Are – Home – (i heart) ART – Vintage Illustrations

Bet you’ve never seen a caterpillar quite like this! Unless you’ve been to the NY Botanical Gardens, of course. 🙂

Click here to enlarge this photo.

READER PHOTO! Jumbo caterpillar – Fine Gardening