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Check out the link for behind the scenes footage of a photo shoot… pretty darn awesome, if you ask me. 🙂




This is part of a totally cool stove hood – I love adding color to a room with the details.


Beyond the Screen Door: How About Some Color With Your Kitchen?

464 blooms from a single stem. True garden art.


NYBG | The Art of Japanese Chrysanthemums

This is an absolutely adorable craft for those little ones! Instead of a glass ball, you could definitely use plastic ones if the children are very young.


Full of Great Ideas: Five fingers snowman ornament

I am so in love with non-mass produced clothing. Threadless offers some of the coolest t-shirts I’ve ever seen, and this one is definitely near the top of the list.

 I Am Shy But You Can Reach Me

"I Am Shy But You Can Reach Me" – – Best t-shirts in the world

Utilizing vintage shutters and botanical prints for a headboard is the coolest thing I can think of too. Maybe I should invest in some.  🙂

between you & me: My spin on Canvas Painters Drop Cloth and a New Frame

I do believe it’s enough to drive one absolutely crazy… 🙂

 Kazumasa Nagai

grain edit · Kazumasa Nagai Posters

Hand drawn and colored maps make perfect bite sized pieces of art.


Custom Wedding Map | Oh So Beautiful Paper

Dreamy story telling illustrations…


Where the Lovely Things Are – Home – Book Week – More Illustrations

Beautifully decorated pumpkins… now that Halloween is over, turn that scary jack-o-lantern around and paint it!


pumpkin wedding decor | Pretty Chicky Wedding Blog